INCIDIN Bangladesh is one of the leading development agency in Bangladesh with additional capacity of policy research, advocacy and capacity-resource-service-facilitation. It is working together with marginalized people (such as small and marginalized farmers, indigenous people, street children, sex-workers, and female workers of RMG sector along with) for empowerment, entitlement and emancipation. It is a not-for-profit organization with an explicit policy of promotion of rights of the marginalized people through promotion of their organization, capability and access (to resource and services) for citizenship, livelihood and food security. (Please see Annex-5 for details) INCIDIN Bangladesh’s Interventions & Achievements: From June 2006 on ward INCIDIN Bangladesh has facilitated a process of farmers’ commission to organize informal hearing of 25,000 small and marginalized farmers. From 2008 INCIDIN Bangladesh has been implementing a project titled Advocacy for People’s Rights in Agricultural Resources (APRAR) in partnership with Manusher Jonno Foundation. The project was developed especially to bring about pro-farmer agricultural reform. In last four and a half years INCIDIN Bangladesh, has implemented the APRAR project in collaboration with MJF.